OC config.php trusted domains is this right?

I am very new here and I can not find the right answer to my question.
I have my owncloud set and ready. I managed to install let's encrypt ca certificate for my domain. When I type the addres https://mydomain/owncloud it takes me to the login page secured with https but I can not log in as the owncloud page says that connection is not secured.
I made a change in /var/www/html/owncloud/config.php file and I added my secured with ca certificate domain in trusted domain section. From now on the connection to https://mydomain/owncloud works with https and I finally got the user and password fields.
My question is? Is this she right thing to do to get safe ssl connection to owncloud? When I check my domain regards ssl connection on one of the online tools - it says it is trusted.
I hope this what I wrote is clear.
Thank you for all suggestions.
Best regards.

If it works, it's correct :slight_smile: