OC does not sync newly created files/folders


I recently set up ownCloud 9. and my Clients on the latest Linux and Windows 10. When I choose any folder to sync. It won't sync folders more than one more level below chosen top folder to sync.

Found potential problem:

  • File ownership on Server myuser:usergroup
  • Client (tries to) create with ownership apache:apache

I observe this behaviour only since OC9.

Steps to reproduce
1. create new folder in existing local folder
2. sync to existing remote folder (existing because synced with OC8)

Expected behaviour
The complete folder including all sub-folders shoud be synced. (as it worked in OC8)

Actual behaviour
sub-folders are not synced because permission error.

Client configuration
Client version: 2.2.4 (build 6408)
Client operating system: Win10

Server configuration
Operating system: Fedora23
Web server: apache
Database: please tell me what an where to look
PHP version: 2.6.0
ownCloud version: 9.0.4
Updated from an older ownCloud or fresh install: Fresh
ownCloud log: Not allowed because you don't have permission to add subfolders to that folder

Special configurations (external storage, external authentication, reverse proxy, server-side-encryption): external storage, https access

Permissions on the server are always the percussion from the user running your webserver (apache:apache). Nothing what can be done here. Fix your user/group management on the server to be able to handle this.

Thanks for the quick reply. Could you be of assistance in figuring out where the problem is?

I got

I use myuser to login via the client.

Permissions are equal for user and group (rwx). Yet the client log still shows "no permission"...
Any Idea why this is not working??


I don't understand, are these your client permission on the sync folder (on your clients HDD)?
If you connect through the oc client, owncloud normally handles the permissions (they are not related to the system's users).

I continued testing. By now the problem gets weirder... I cannot pinpoint the problem anymore as it seems to be folder-dependent allthough all folders have the same permission settings ond the server. I'll get back as soon as I isolated the Problem.