OC install - invalid hashes

I used a script by PetRockBlog ( github script ) to install OC - latest version on Raspberry pi - Raspberian

The install is made with Apache
The DB is sqllite
Raspberian install with php5 and i belive OC 9

When logging in as admin i get the warnings that the .htaccess has invalid hash and the user.ini is missing.
Im running it with no domain but just using a static IP with a router set to redirect - this works fine.
My questions is this: How do i fix the .htaccess invalid hash ? the .htaccess have but two lines. One with ErrorDocument 403 and one with 404. A comment line and thats it.
Should it have contained more ?

How do i fix the missing user.ini and where exactly is it supposed to be located ?


please contact the author of this script. If one file has a wrong hash and another is missing this needs to be fixed in that script instead by an user.