OC10.0.2.1 - show Calendars from other user

Hi there,

I installed OC10.0.2.1 from scratch. Added a few users within OC, installed some apps like contacts, calendars, passman and so on. Everything works fine including syncing over all my devices (iOS, Windows, Linux etc). But when I login with a "normal" user and start looking at the calendars, all calendars shared from another user are unselected. Everytime I go to the calendar screen I have to select the shared calendars, I want to see. The calendars of the logged in user himself are automatically selected and visible.

The normal user is within the same group as the user, from whom I want to see the calendars. Sharing within the related group is, as mentioned above, also active.

Is that a bug ? I could not find a related hint or post, nor discussion to that issue...

Hi there,

so the question of yours is:

Is it normal or a bug that when you go to your calendar,
the shared calenders are unselected, right?


can not remember that behaviour on OC9.X...

Okay, after some research - as for now it's a not desired functionality. If and when it will be fixed is unclear.

You were right, in 9.1 the shared calendars stayed selected after logout.

Thank you for making us aware of this.


so this will be traced as a bug or missing feature hopefully being fixed/changed in the future ?

but i am wondering, that nobody else seems to have this issue reported ?

looking forward for a fix :wink:

It will be

well, there is always a first one

Is there an update on this issue?



Judging from this issue, it will be fixed in 10.0.4, which is coming soon

thanks for the quick update.

perfect mate, sounds good ! waiting for 10.0.4...