Occ and php version

command not working:
sudo -u www-data php occ -h

fresh install, owncloud in docker environment (ESX image), there are several (6) occ in different containers, same for php binary
running just php gives permission to open console.php error
running php7.2 from the same container gives library not installed
php version on system is 7.0.33
what am I doing wrong?

if you have the docker container - you can just type occ and it will execute the script and show you all the commands.

If you have the appliance - you have to enter the docker container.

Thank you, entering the docker container worked, for those like me who don’t know how to do it:
docker ps # to identify a docker session running
docker exec -ti zen_hodgkin /bin/bash # to enter cli within docker environment
(zen_hodgkin is the default session name in the appliance)

or you can just execute

univention-app shell owncloud

as described here:


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