Occ db:convert-type what data preserve?

ownCloud** 7.0.2 (stable) I need to migrate from Sqlite to MySQL databases.
We have users who have shared files among groups and users and we need to preserve that settings.

  1. Using the command line tool: ‘occ db:convert-type’ will be converted users, groups, their passwords and above all shared files permissions rules?

  2. What to backup before trying the migration in order to back to sqlite if migration process should fails?

  1. yes
  2. backup ownClouds configuration file config.php and the SQLite3 database (which is the file owncloud.db in your datadirectory)

I don’t think the SQLite3 database will be touched by the migration script. So to go back to SQLite3 in case the migration goes wrong, it should be enough to replace the config.php with the one from step-2.

I would suggest to upgrade to ownCloud 10.0 after migration.