OCC on managed server without sudo

Hallo dear forum,
our owncloud instance wanted me to update and it says that I have to be careful migating to version 9.1. The Calandar- and Contact-apps has changed and I should run a occ migrate script.
In the documentation is an article about using oss and it says, that I have to start occ as http-user with sudo. Unfortumately our owncloud runs on a dedcated server. I have no root- or sudo-rights. I can run scripts as http-user:
$ sudo -u www-data php occ
[sudo] password for fxxxx:
Sorry, user fxxxx is not allowed to execute '/usr/bin/php occ' as www-data on dedixxxx.your-server.de.

I can't believe, that I am the only one, running the owncloud on a dedicated server with such restrictions. It there a solution? How can I use occ or how can I mograte the calendars and contactbooks without occ?

Thank you and regards

It's a managed server, in that case the person managing your server normally should do such stuff and also be able to help you. For larger providers, this information should be available in the documentation or you could ask in a customer forum.

The occ-command must be run as the user who is usually running your webserver. In case of apache and debian/ubuntu-systems (or derivates) it's usually www-data. But the user might be different on other operating systems and if fastcgi is used, it might be even a different user. In some cases it is the same user as the user you are logging in so you don't need the sudo-stuff at all.

navigate to owncloud directory and try
php ./occ files:scan --all