oCIS and Microsoft 365

I was reading the oCIS documentation and could use some help understanding the section on Microsoft 365 integration. Specifically the language on the “Office Applications using WOPI” page and the “Procedure using Microsoft 365” section.

“Apart from licensing” ← does that refer to 365 licenses from Microsoft? I assumed so since I don’t see anything about oCIS-related licensing but didn’t think it safe to assume.

“a written statement about their Microsoft 365 entitlement” ← does that refer to a written description of our 365 licenses?

I’d also like to better understand the requirements / process of integrating oCIS with Microsoft’s free version “Office Online”. Since this is free, where would the “statement of entitlement” come from?

It would be great if the documentation could be updated to either better describe the configuration process or clearly state whether or not this actually is supported for users running the community version.


Yes, licensing here refers to your license for MS Office 365. Generally Office365 integration is part of our subscription offering for ownCloud Infinite Scale only. As a customer or prospect, please contact sales@owncloud.com for that discussion. And yes, as part of that we need to understand the nature of your MS Office 365 license - eg. business or education and will then help with the integration. Support will be part of our 3.0 release, let us know if you need this earlier.

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I don’t understand which “free” version you refer to, please elaborate, maybe a link would be best.
Yes, based on the feedback in this thread we can improve the documentation. Microsoft Office Online Server will actually work, the Office 365 integration will need a subscription and is for paying customers only at this time.

Thanks for your elaborate reply!

There is not a lot of documentation out there, but Microsoft offers basic versions of their office tools free of charge and it sometimes is referred to as “Office online” (whereas the paid plan is referred to as “Microsoft 365” nowadays):


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I understand that access to the full blown Microsoft 365 (aka. Office 365) is a premium offering. It would be great however if you could consider adding support for the free/basic version, e.g. using it to teaser upselling people to your ownCloud subscription as well.

And since we’re on it, is there a roadmap to check and see what’s on the menu for your 3.0 release?



Adding a vote for Microsoft Office Online support for the community edition. It would open up OCIS as an option for nonprofits who are using either the free Office Online option or deeply discounted 365 licenses.

Current status: O365 integration works via the WOPI server. So for non profits who have an unlimited license from MS it would already work. However the complexity means that your data needs to run through owncloud - this is a service we need to charge a subscription for which would mean the best would be a hosted solution at ownCloud. Would that make sense for you?

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