oCIS data accessible from filesystem?

I just started running oCIS to share files. I noticed in OwnCloud there is an option to disable on-disk encruption which - as I am presuming - would make the files accessible directly on server’s filesystem without using OwnCloud. That is achieved with:

occ encryption:decrypt-all

However, I have not found that option with oCIS. Is this possible?

When you look into OC10 /var/www/data/ and you cannot find any readable files, then it is probably due to encryption. Right.

oCIS does things differently. It uses the storage filesystem for something we call decomposedfs. When you look into /var/lib/ocis/storage/ then all you see is a database like structure with many subdirectory levels containing blobs and nodes, etc…

The official answer to your question is probably: No, only oCIS can parse its decomposedfs.

But you may try your luck with some bash script
here QA/tools/hetzner-deploy/bin/dump_decomposed.sh at master · owncloud/QA · GitHub
or some python script there GitHub - esgarov/ocis-storage-dumper

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Another option would be to connect via webdav. Cyberduck / Mountainduck do support webdav with oidc.


As does rclone! Might be one of the best options to get an open source browsing view to the FS at this time.