Ocis - how to add existing storage

Hi, first of all thanks for the project which seems extremely promising and performant.

I am using ocis at the latest version (4).

I am having issues finding any documentation on how to include existing storage (NFS/SMB for example) into OCIS.

I have a NAS, and I can mount an smb/nfs share but it is essential for me to keep the filesystem structure as-is. Is it possible to include such a data directory into ocis and probably specify a different folder for any other file ocis-related such as metadata and blobs etc? if possible, how?

Thanks in advance

Unfortunately this is currently not possible. ocis expects its own folder structure, saving metadata per space in dedicated directories and moving the bytes to a blobstore.

It is not possible to use an existing directory as blobstore as filenames are uuids in the blobstore. The only way to get existing files into ocis is by uploading them through a client.

Sorry I don’t have better news.



i think there is also an existing topic about such a question available below.

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Simply posting an approach I found for people thinking that there is no solution (since visiting the aforementioned existing topic does not reveal any solution) - it is in listed in the (officially-backed?) Owncloud.dev page: owncloud.dev/ocis/guides/migrate-data-rclone (don’t forget https:// in the beginning, unfortunately cannot post links)

If you investigate rclone you will see that it also supports importing local storage. So, the only question is whether you can somehow also get the changes to files propagated from ocis to the local filesystem (which I believe will be possible even if not at realtime).

Well, it seems it was too nice to be true :frowning: Unfortunately, currently it is not straightforward to register ocis as an rclone remote (which is a prerequisite of the documentation I linked to above). Maybe in the future things will improve.