OCIS Synchronisation tends to stuck - how to tune performance?

Hi all,

I recently migrated from Nextcloud to OCIS, however, there seems to be some performance tuning needed in order for OCIS to fully replace my nextcloud. The initial sync involves syncing ~10k files totaling 50GiB from the desktop client. My symptoms include:

  • Server seems to randomly gives 500 on some files and the sync stuck, setting a upload speed limit seems to reduce the number of 500 happening,
  • Connection timeout randomly and the sync stuck
  • No error at all, just randomly stuck

Everytime the server stuck, ssh to the server stopped working too (also stuck). So I think the caching might be the issue here.

Any tips on tuning the performance of OCIS is appreciated. I’ve been looking to ditch nextcloud for years now.


to efficiently help you, you would need to provide us with more details about your setup (which deployment etc) and the hardware you are using.

Tbh, if you say that your ssh gets stuck as well, that does not look like an oCIS problem, but rather the network infrastructure you’re running on. Are you sure the network is stable, is not rate limted etc?

You should check the system logs of the server if they uncover anything.

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What does the oCIS logs say about those 500 errors?