Official owncloud docker or docker owncloud image?

Hello guys,

I decided to go with a docker environment for my new owncloud setup.
There are two interesting images out there:

Both of them serve the latest stable owncloud version (10.0.2 atm), both look equally promising. I want to host a system for around 10 users with 100GB per user and encryption enabled.

Is someone out there able to give a short comparison and a prediction which of the two images will be actively maintained in future?

I would recommend the second one. And yes, we will actively maintain it. It follows a whats best for ownCloud approach while the one from the docker community is build from the php docker container ... adhering to certain docker hub standards which we felt is limiting us.
Issues are welcome here:

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Thanks for your opinion!, That's kinda what I already thought. Continuing with this one now.
(I've already created an issue and a pull request :smile:)