Offline files not available


I have a Problem with Owncloud on iOS.
My tablet is an IPad Pro with the newest iOS Update. Owncloud is the newest version from the Apple store.
Now I have documents, folders etc. on Owncloud and have them all marked as offline available.

If I switch to flight Modus on my iPad l, the documents should be offline available, or?

Well, I go into the folder and the documents are there. I go out of the folder and back into and there is nothing in it. Everything, every folder and every document is gone.
So I close the App, and open it again and everything is back. I can find every document again. So I do the same again, I close the folder, go back into and everything is gone again.
When I look at quick access there is nothing under ‘available offline’ but if I let me show every Data on owncloud I can the all the documents. So they are there but they do not show in the normal folder.
I can’t find any setting which would help change the problem.

Has any of you ever had a problem like this? Or is there a solution for that?

Hope somebody con help me


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Exactly the same problem!

Hi! i’m trying to reproduce the problem, but i am not able. Let me detail the steps and tell me if i’m wrong somewhere:

  1. I have an account, with several files and folders inside
  2. I set everything as available offline (that means: dowloaded in the device, and not wiped out by the “Delete unused local copies” Setting)
  3. Set flight mode
  4. Browsing through available offline folders (here, i see the list of files everywhere)
  5. Open “Quick access” -> Av. offline (i see everything i marked as av. offline)

I’m using an iPadPro with iOS13, authentication with basic auth (username/password) over a 10.3.2 oC server.

Please, let me know if you miss something that’s making me not to reproduce the problem, or any detail you think that mind.

Thanks in advance.

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No sorry it’s the same we use. An iPad pro with iOS13 and it’s also with username und password authetification.
Those files are still available, but they just show in the “all data” area.
Where you normally find the data with the organised folder structure I created, the folder structure just disappears and at ‘available offline’ everything is empty.

Thanks for trying

I was finally able to reproduce the problem. Thanks for all the info!! we will manage it to fix the problem

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Thank you :slightly_smiling_face:

Do you already have an approach for a solution?

It is already reported, and development team will fix it asap

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Perhaps, to improve the communication between development and community, you could post the link to the Github issue (if that exists) here? I’ve had a quick look but wasn’t able to find it.

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yeeh, the reported problem is fixed and will be shipped in 1.3.1 very soon.