OIDC - optional parameters Authentication Request

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Should be able to customize (i.e. include/exclude) optional parameters in the Owncloud Desktop client for the OIDC Authentication Request

Current OIDC server being used does not support any of the “prompt” parameter values for a OIDC Authentication Request received. I don´t understand why the Desktop client is generating a OIDC Authentication Request with the following option parameter “prompt=select_account”

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No option discovered.

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Hi tandem25, when I look at your previous post Oidc - refresh_token prompting user to re-authenticate i see you are using Apero Cas which seems to not have implemented the OIDC prompt feature as expected.

I see on the marketplace there is the CAS user and group backend app, maybe this is the way to go instad of OIDC?


Thank you for the recommendation. I was originally using the CAS marketplace app but at some point, the app was lagged behind the Owncloud server upgrade at which point I jumped onto OIDC. Probably time to move back to the CAS marketplace app as its been a bumpy road get Owncloud Desktop client and CAS IdP playing nicely together under OIDC

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