Old TOTP Database Table in OC 10


i had used the TOTP App in OC 9.1.3 wich doesn't work anymore.
In OC 10 i tried the 0.4.3, but the installation fails with the error massage that the table "oc_twofactor_totp_secrets" already exists.
But when i delete the table it still repeats the massage and create the table.


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I've had this issue as wel, and made it work for my new installation. This might cause loss of your previously configured tokens. In that case, you could just backup your database.

  1. Install the Twofactor totp app and let it fail.
  2. Open apps/twofactor_totp/appinfo/database.xml in an editor.
  3. Change the overwrite property from false to true.
  4. Go to your admin interface / apps / show disabled apps and click enable.
  5. The app now works but you'll get integrity warnings. I'll try and fix them now

Hope this helps! :slight_smile:

Yes it works fine, thank you :blush: