On Prem Owncloud Instance - Share not Working


I am trying to share uploaded items from people’s ownclouds with other members of their team.
Reading through this article: https://doc.owncloud.org/server/10.1/admin_manual/configuration/files/file_sharing_configuration.html

I have configured the settings under the Sharing settings on our admin account, which mirror the picture in the above article.

I then go to all files and there are no options to share. I was expecting a “sharing” tab to be available next to the comments on the properties of a file. This does not appear.

I have looked on the server that hosts owncloud and in /owncloud/core/js there is the share.js module. However when looking at the browser the share.js isn’t seen as a source. So I don’t think the javascript module is loading within my owncloud instance.

I’ve done extensive googling and can’t find anything else with similar problems, any help would be appreciated.



Sorry, but what is a “Prem Owncloud Instance”?

We host the owncloud server on our internal infrastructure.

I’ve found it if anyone stumbles across this in the future.
The sharing App was disbaled. So under Settings -> Apps -> Show Disabled Apps.

I needed to enable then update the sharing options!