On-the-fly picture size reduction

Actual behaviour

When I take a photo with my camera, it produces high resolution files that can be up to 15 MB each.
I mainly use my photo to display them on a 1080p TV or computer screen, sometimes to print small photos. I really don’t need files so big. They waste a lot of 4G trafic on my phone and a lot of DSL trafic on my home box.
When I used Google Photos, there were an option to resize on-the-fly photo with a smaller resolution (about 2000 pixels width) and tha produced files about 0.5 MB that is enougth.

Expected behaviour

Could it be possible to add an option on the Android clients (but alto iOS and Windows clients) to do the same ?

I don’t think it is a good idea to overload an app with features. You could open a feature request ticket in the Github issue tracker and see what the developers have to say about that.

Also you need to think about how you would expect this to work in detail?
For example:

  • Do you want to add your camera image folder to ownCloud to the android app and there you want to upload by default just a specific resized size of the image?
  • How should the app handle it if you want to have the original size?
  • Should just all images be uploaded resized?
  • Do you only want resized uploads on mobile data, but on unrestricted wifi the real size is uploaded?
  • By default ownCloud works in a very predictable way: Exactly what you put in a folder is being uploaded. A feature like this would break this behaviour.

All of these considerations make a solution for this problem more or less complex.

Perhaps you can find some app for android that automatically resizes your images and saves the result in a specific folder which you can then add to ownCloud?

EDIT: https://f-droid.org/en/packages/de.kaffeemitkoffein.imagepipe/