One local folder synced with two OwnCloud servers

Hi, I didn't test this for very long time, just wanted to know from someone with experience - does OwnCloud Client work correctly if one of my local folders is synced with two different OwnCloud servers?

I am now in process of installing and moving my primary server to new box, also upgraded to most recent version of server etc, and want to be sure that it's relatively safe to link folder to both of servers. Looking at files in folder, client uses separate .db for two accounts so sync status should be fine. Problem may lie in uploaded/downloaded files and log, I wonder if client will access them safely or are there going to be locks and 'access denied' errors?

A little test with 1gb file shows that client sets status 'Waiting' on second acount while first one is uploading the file so I think it's probably safe. If no one answers I am just going to do a local backup and try working with this configuration

State your purpose! Is this for backups? You want to have the files from one server in another? Is it just to move the data to the new server?

  1. Test new server (connectivity, speed, availability, overall usability)
  2. Continue setting it up while testing
  3. Turn off old server if everything is fine

Hey, @AndyScull thanks for your question! ownCloud client supports this after version 2.3.0. Shared local sync folders were introduced after:

For this to work out, you'll just need to select the same folder you're syncing with the first account while setting up the second one. Don't hesitate to ask if you have any more questions.

Thank you very much!


I have something related to this, although this is a relatively old post.

At my workplace we have an OwnCloud server that provides only 10 GB of storage per user. To increase this space, I have just set up my “personal” OwnCloud server on a workstation using the Owncloud Appliance, so now I have a virtual machine with a new OwnCloud server running on VirtualBox.

At the other end, I have a machine with Windows 7 that already has the OwnCloud Client (v. 2.3.4, which I cannot update since the OwnCloud server at my work is running some version 9.X) and that syncs a “folder1” on my local machine with the server at work. What I would like now is to set the new (personal) OwnCloud server to sync a second folder which includes the previous one (i.e. …/folder2/folder1 ), such that I would have folder1 synced by the two servers, and the new server would also sync the rest of the contents of folder2. So, this would be like a sort of backup of folder1, aside that it would also provide additional space to syn other contents in folder2. However, when I try to setup the connection of the client to the new OwnCloud server I get an error message saying that folder2 already contains a folder (folder1) that is being synced by another connection, and that I should choose a different folder.

Seeing the answers to the previous post, I thought that this would be possible, but it looks like it is not. Is there any workaround?

Any help will be appreciated.


Forget about it, I already found a solution.

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Hey @jbujons

nice that you have found a solution. I think it would be great if you can share this to other uses so that this thread doesn’t end with “i found a solution” but without any information about the solution itself.

Yes, sorry for not being more explicit.

What I did was to update the client to the latest version. This has the problem that now when I synchronize with the server at work (the one running version 9.X) I get a message saying that the client and server versions are incompatible and that I can use it at my own risc. But so far it seems that it can still synchronize. With the new client I also set up a connection to my new personal OwnCloud server and use the option of syncing two different directories. One is the same that is also synced by the server at work, and this also works just fine so far, and the other is a different directory where I put everything else that I want to have also sync in the new server. I have not tried to sync, as I said in my original post, a folder that contains another one that is already being synced. So it is not a real solution, it is just an alternative way to achieve what I wanted. It is quite basic I guess, but I don’t recall that this was possible with the old client, or at least I did not realize if it was.


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