Onecloud - Getting Secured

Hi All

I've set up ownCloud at home and it seems to be working fine locally. I now want to try and open it up to the "big scary world" and have been trying to work on whats required to do it right

The main issue i've gotten stuck on is getting the SSL to work properly. Are there any "idiots guide" that i can use? I'm fairly new to Linux.

I'm running a Ubuntu VM using hyper-v

Any other simple guides on ensuring my server is secure? I'm about to wipe it and start again (as i've lot access to it completely)


there are plenty guides out there which normally should be findable via a search on your favorite search engine. Good guides for example are the ones from digitalocean:

ownCloud specific hardening instructions are available here:

To find additional hardening guides for your operating system you can again search on your favorite search engine.