Online edit office (word/excel) files on owncloud

hello everyone

i also want to be able to edit word (docx) and excel (xlsx) files in my owncloud.
is there a simple app?

I have installed the app "onlyoffice" in the market. but it does not work, i.e. the new app is not displayed in the upper left corner of "File, Gallery, Market". Besides, when I click on the file "Word", nothing happens, it happens because I want to download it.

someone can give me a tip on how to set up onlyoffice or another tool for something like that on owncloud.

with googledrive or onedrive, files can also be edited directly there.

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I think just installing the app isn't enough. From what i know this is just an connector between ownCloud and the actual "ONLYOFFICE" so you probably need to install this as well. Maybe you can find some more information on the following documentation about the requirements:

An alternative to ONLYOFFICE could be Collabora:

thanks for the info
but i don't have my own server with onlyoffice or colabora office installed.
i have installed my owncloud on a shared webspace,
can i still use onlyoffice, or is there another way to edit office (word/excel) files?

If think if you can't install one of the two products there is probably not that much what you can do here besides switching to another server where you have the possibility to install it. You probably could host one of the products on a second system that probably doesn't make that much sense to have two servers?

onlyoffice costs something and there is an instruction how to install it on a share hosting

Can someone help me out?
what do I have to enter if I do not have my own document server?
I ONLY want to be able to edit my Word/Excel files via owncloud without having to download the document first and then upload it again.

You can get the appliance

There you can choose between onlyoffice and collabora

i don't need an owncloud installation. i already installed this. my webstore provider has an app-store, there was also owncloud.
now I want to be able to open and edit office (word/excel) files within the owncloud.
but i don't have a document server. what do i have to do to edit these files anyway.
according to the last link, I didn't get smart. I only understood how to install owncloud
i have activated in the owncloud appscenter onlyoffice, but now it requires a document server path. but i don't have a document server.

You need such a document server for onlyoffice or collabora office to be able to edit word or excel files online.

If you can't install it on your hosting packages then you can't use the mentioned apps as explained above:

Collabora ownCloud App description:

Collabora Online allows you to to work with all kinds of office documents directly in your browser. This application requires Collabora Cloudsuite to be installed on one of your servers, please read the documentation to learn more about that.

Link to Collabora App in the marketplace

No Collabora Server - No editing documents in ownCloud
No OnlyOffice Server - No editing documents in ownCloud

Appliance - contains the ownCloud app - get OnlyOffice / Colalbora App - Edit documents online in ownCloud.

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I found this link in Google.

would this be something for me to resolve my request so that I can process documents in my own cloud?

Looks good. You can try to set it up.

i downloaded the files from the link and uploaded them via ftp.
but I haven't found anywhere how to configure it now on the webspace.
couldn't find an install guide.

I think you might have missed my post some days ago here:

webDAV is the way to go for: “I ONLY want to be able to edit my Word/Excel files via owncloud without having to download the document first and then upload it again.”

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