Online editing documents




Could someone help?

I am trying to get the documents apps working with document stored in external storage folders. It appears to be working fine with documents that are stored in the local documents folder, but when these documents are moved to an external storage folder I can no longer edit them online. I just get the option for details, renames, download or delete.

Could someone advice if this is possible. If so how I can get it to work.



Please provide at least the used versions of ownCloud and the documents app.



The version of Owncloud that I am running is 9.1.0 and is presently running on a FreeeNAS server.

Document app that I have enabled to allow me to edit office documents is as follows: Documents 0.13.1 by Frank Karlitschek, Victor Dubiniuk

The Documents app was in the list of default apps that are available to install.



Ok, thanks for clarification. Please update to 9.1.1 first. If the issue still happens there please report a new issue to the app developer at: