Only My Data folder


I’ve got a little android APP called ABC. ABC store data in \ABC\ folder in device. This folder has several kind of data … csv files, pictures and other folders …

  • I try to configure ownCloud 2.8.0 to change or add this \ABC\ folder but it doesn’t work
  • I try to configure camera folder in owncloud to my \ABC\ folder but it doesn’t sincronice my CSV files.

I need to configure ownCloud to sincronice all data in my \ABC\ folder (files, folders etc…)

Can ownCloud select a specific folder and sincronice ALL files inside?



I don’t think so. Can you configure the ABC app to use the ownCloud folder?

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I tried to do the same, created a new subfolder on my OC server then on my phone set it as available off-line so it now appears on the phone, then I copied some files into the same folder on the phone, nothing happens.

I’m on the 2.9 beta, the server is 10.0.9, phone is on LineageOS 15.1, but it’s been this way for years. The client is pretty much useless to me for trying to sync data from other apps.