Onlyoffice does not appear after installing

onlyoffice does not appear after installing.
No options for creating files, no symbol in menu.

Ubuntu 18.04 LTS
Owncloud 10.3.0 (stable)



OnlyOffice has no app symbol like collabora does.

After you install OnlyOffice you have just more options to create documents if you click on the plus button.


Hello, thanks for the reply. But neither does it appear.


It is also installed correctly, also appears in the apps-external folder.
I tried to delete all other applications and leave OnlyOffice only, but to no avail.

Ah, I think I get the confusion here.

The onlyoffice app is just a connector to a onlyoffice server.

Like your Power Adapter has no Electricity until you connect it to a power source.

Do you have a onlyoffice server installed and configured it in your general settings?

Here is our appliance with onlyoffice server configured out of the box.

Just download it, go through the setup wizard and you are good to go.

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