OpenID and desktop client application Windows Desktop 2.11.1

Hello everybody! I have set up an OpenID connection between my OC installation and the keycloak instance; everything works together correctly. I have a strange behavior on the desktop client, the client redirects the user when logging in to keycloak, getting authorization to log in to the server’s webpage (so far everything is fine), but never returns to the calling client, leaving it in a waiting state (I attach a screenshot). What can I do to solve the problem? Thanks

You can access a working Keycloak configuration here:
Continuous Deployment | ownCloud

My keycloak config (json) has over 5000 lines. What parameters should I pay attention to, because checking the entire config is not an option?
And I want to note that there are no problems with authorization using keycloak to the owncloud 10.11 server.

please tell me what I should specify in config.php to make a connection via web and desktop client version 3?

how do I specify two or more clients in config.php ?

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