Original OwnCloud user cannot see or upload files

Hi everyone,

the first user I created when first installing ownCloud cannot upload or view documents. I get an error “forbidden”. However, any new users I create can upload and view documents.

Upon looking into the data directory, the original user “TSTadmin” has different permissions to the other two users. Would this be an issue?


Is there any way to refresh or delete the original user? I might also add that I have changed the location of the data directory after creating the tstadmin user but have gone through and properly updated the database and such.

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Mark Harwood

I wouldn’t delete the initial user, which is usually the admin user. You must have missed something, while moving the data folder. So I would redo or verify this first. Please also check the storage location for the user tstadmin. (Users-panel, enable Show storage location)

Hi Alfredb,

thank you for your reply. It’s more than possible that I messed up somewhere. Just seems odd that new users can create files but that one user can’t. When I create a film using SSH in the data directory for that user, nothing new shows up. Do I have to update the mysql database for this user or something?

Sorry but could you provide more information on on showing storage locations for users? I can’t find what you were referencing.

Never mind!

Just solved it. in my occ_accounts table in SQL the home directory for TSTadmin was set to just /mnt/owncloud and not /mnt/owncloud/data/tstadmin.

I used the following command to update this value and rebooted. Its not working :slight_smile:

UPDATE oc_accounts SET home="/mnt/owncloud/data/tstadmin" WHERE user_id=“tstadmin”;

For someone who has rarely touched SQL, im kinda proud I figured this out.

THANK YOU FOR YOUR HELP :slight_smile:

Yes, you have to run file scanning manually:

sudo -u www-data php occ files:scan --all

Assuming ownCloud v10:

  • Login as user tstadmin, or another admin user
  • Select menu Users
  • Click on the gearwheel down left to open Settings
  • Enable Show storage location
  • Check the contents of the now visible column Storage Location

Thanks, good to know that my suspicions were correct. :wink:


from what i have read in the past this should be handled with care and not used within “normal” operations of ownCloud. I can’t find the post about this currently but it was something about checksums and issues with the sync client.