Out now: The ownCloud Infinite Scale 1.2.0 Tech Preview release

Our new file platform ownCloud Infinite Scale, written in Go, evolves swiftly: We are already releasing the third tech preview, version 1.2.0. It focuses on stability and delivering features that extend it beyond core functionality.

With ownCloud Infinite Scale 1.2 comes initial S3 storage support. It also brings integrity checking for files on upload. Passwords for public shares are now hashed properly.

The frontend improves too, as ownCloud Infinite Scale 1.2 ships with ownCloud Web 2.0. The initial load in the browser is now a lot faster. ownCloud Web 2.0 contains important groundwork for features that will improve accessibility, updating the ownCloud Design System to version 2.1.2.

With ownCloud Web 2.0, we switched how we bundle Javascript from WebPack to Rollup. We have decluttered and reorganized the project structure in the process, too. This means we were able to reduce the bundle size remarkably, and make it easier for potential contributors to onboard. Of course, those improvements will be available shortly in the ownCloud Web Marketplace App for ownCloud 10.6, too.

Note: When upgrading to ownCloud Infinite Scale 1.2 from a previous version, there are breaking changes. We’ve warned you, it still is a Tech Preview :wink:.

For more information, please read the release notes and the full changelog for ownCloud Infinite Scale 1.2.0 and ownCloud Web 2.0.0. Read how to install ownCloud Infinite Scale quickly.

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