Output a list of missing files on storage

Hello all,

is there a way to use occ files in a way to get an output of all the files that still exist in the oc_filecache.db but but not on the storage?

I had an issue with a vmware virtual disk and was able to restore a lot of files that are now unnamed in lost+found folder. I thought maybe with the occ files tool i can scan the filecache and compare it with the storage to get an idea which files are missing on the storange. And depending on how much output about filename, date created and size of the files i could get from that query, it would help me to restore the original filenames and place those files back where they belong.

occ files:clean up would remove the inconsistency but sadly it has no option to do sort of a dry run with the output i’m looking for.

I’m not sure if there is a way to get what i’m looking for, but searching the forum did not lead me to somewhere near of what i am looking for.

Any suggestions?



Would it work to migrate from sqlite3 DB to a MySQL database and from there getting an full export of all file entries, so that i could use those to compare it with the existing files in the file system?

ownCloud doesn’t know why those files were deleted. Maybe you deleted them willingly, maybe you deleted them accidentally, maybe you move them to another location, maybe it’s a hardware problem…

You might want to open a feature request in https://github.com/owncloud/core/issues

I’m pretty sure you can do the same with sqlite3. I’m not sure how the DB conversion works, so I’d rather not rely on it.