Own cloud uses all user space. Is this an error?



Hello everybody!

I'm using ownCloud (current server version 10.0.2) for about half a year. I use it alone and gave my user e.g. "User1" a max. space of 15 GB of my web space.

Now I've logged into my webspace admin tool and saw that nearly all of the 15 GB are in use.

The Windows ownCloud App on my PC displays correctly that there are only 3,6 GB of 15 GB used. But on my webspace all the 15 GB are used.

Is this the normal behavior of ownCloud our could I maybe have an configuration problem?


Trashbin and Versioning can well make up the rest. You can configure those to keep more space empty if you like.


This is what I was hoping for. Inside my 'User1/data' directory I've seen the directories files_trashbin and files_versions and thought in the same direction.

Thank you!