ownСloud with OpenID

The problem with exiting the application, after logging in via SO (Keycloak), by pressing the exit button, it throws me out of all services where I was logged in via SSO (global exit), how do I make it return to the owncloud login page and not throw it out globally from SSO?
version Plugin version OpenID 2.1.1
My config

  'openid-connect' => [
        'provider-url' => 'https://keycloak-url.com/auth/realms/sso/',
        'client-id' => 'owncloud',
        'client-secret' => '',
        'loginButtonName' => 'SSO',
        'autoRedirectOnLoginPage' => true,
        'post_logout_redirect_uri' => 'https://owncloud-url.com',
        'provider-params' => [
                'end_session_endpoint' => 'https://keycloak-url.com/auth/realms/sso/',


That’s not possible and the intended behavior. Using the logout button from ownCloud while using OpenID Connect invalidates the entire OIDC (Keycloak) user session.

if I change the parameter value

'end_session_endpoint' => 'https://owncloud-url.com',

I am not thrown out of the SSO, but since the parameter is enabled,

'autoRedirectOnLoginPage' => true,

I will be redirected to owncloud under my account.

if I leave the parameter value ‘end_session_endpoint’ empty, I get an error: ‘CSRF check failed’

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