Owncloud 10.0.1 - Internet Explorer 11.0.42 - Calendar


I upgraded my Owncloud 9 to 10 this morning and everything is so far OK.
I had 1-2 problems I could resolve myself but with the last staying problem I don’t know what to do or test.
The point is that the calendar don’t show up in the browser but just under IE 11.
I tried Chrome on the same machines it worked. I tried Safari and Chrome on iOS it worked too but under IE not.

Does anyone else has this issue? Or can reproduce it?



there is no real IE / Edge support in the calendar:

Supported Browsers

Latest Firefox
Latest Chrome/Chromium
Latest Safari

We don't support Internet Explorer or Edge. Patches for IE9+ and Edge are accepted though.

-> https://github.com/owncloud/calendar/#supported-browsers


Great no support for a browser that many people are using...
Not the good way!


Just say thanks to Microsoft that they are not capable to provide a browser supporting modern web standards. :wink:

-> https://github.com/owncloud/calendar/issues/309#issuecomment-194830019


On Nextcloud it works...


Well, then some one has followed the advise at the posted link above and contributed a possible workaround for those browsers. Feel free to contribute to the ownCloud calendar as well if you're familiar with coding and web browsers.

Please also note that this is a user-based support forum. If you think this should also work on ownCloud then just post a new issue at https://github.com/owncloud/calendar/issues where it might get noticed by the Calendar maintainer.


Unfortunately I can't code so well...
But I think that you can't integrate a programming feature that doesn't work with the most popular browsers and all of them.

I give you an example:
Here at the Deutsche Bank worldwide the only suported browser is IE. We aren't even allowed to use another browser, they are all blocked by group policy...

I hope you udnerstand what I mean... OK for a programmer it's also not always simple to have all compatible, that's sure...


Ah by the way, thank you for your help. I forgot...
For me it was clear that it should work as on 9.x it worked. I didn't came to the idea to check that compatiblity page.


Sure, i understand your point. But you need to be aware that:

  • ownCloud itself is fully IE11 and Edge compatible
  • the calendar and contacts apps are 3rdparty apps created and maintained by contributors in their free time

These apps are no part of ownCloud so they have a completely different scope and quality requirements then ownCloud itself.

If you rely on these apps for your business you still could contact the guys from https://owncloud.com to get a support contract.