Owncloud 10.0.3 unable to login with AD users

Hi Folks,

We recently setup the Owncloud 10.0.3 server which its showing LDAP connection is Successfully connect but we are unable to login with AD users. Its thinking and not responding

Have you filled out all the Information in the server tab?

The green light is a sign that owncloud can see the LDAP but you have to configure the LDAP connector right to be able to use your LDAP in owncloud

We configured the LDAP connector, everything sync but unable to login

This is the error message pops up after long time

Under technical details is an error code. You can search for that code in the log file and get more information.

Can you enter a username in the login filter tab and check if the user can be found?

Yes, all the users are found , we tested it.

Have you found the error corresponding with the code in the log file?

No, We didnt fnd any error

The screen shot you provided above this message. There is an error code in the "technical details" part. That's what you have to look for in the log file.