ownCloud 10.0.6 logs me out frequently

Since I upgraded to 10.0.6 I am frequently logged out of ownCloud. Is this a known problem? I am using the latest Firefox and Mac OS or Linux.


10.0.7 is out with a log of bug fixes, you could try to update to this and look if the problem still occurs.

Thanks Dmitry
It´s solved.
One question apart from that (as a hosting expert): what do you think about Linube? My daughter has asked me about the company but I don´t know them...
And, thanks again!

I am as far away from being a hosting expert as anyone could be :slight_smile:

That's why I personally can not answer your question.

But maybe someone else here in the forum could give you an answer :slight_smile:

Thanks for being so kind :wink:

Thank you Dmitry, I'll do the update tonight. And Mikel, this was my question so how can you say it's solved? Did you have the same problem and was it solved by upgrading to 10.0.7?

That´s it Stuhrer; I solved the problem by upgrading to new version.

The problem still exists. I think it might be related to the calendar app. When I am e.g. in the contacts app or in files it does not happen. But when I am in the calendar app the connection is closed frequently.