Owncloud 10.0.8? A non-event

Hi everyone,

I'm a bit confused, because on Github there was a version release of owncloud core 10.0.8 on April 19th (https://github.com/owncloud/core/releases/tag/v10.0.8).. The release had no Beta or RC tag. But everything still stands on 10.0.7. Why is that? Even here https://download.owncloud.org/download/repositories/stable/owncloud/index.html it was turned back to 10.0.7. I know and have proof that it was turned back, because on April 19th I was able to get the 10.0.8 from the Ubuntu 16.04 Repo by using apt-get install.
Could anyone explain to me what is happening with this version 10.0.8? And if it's a testing version, why does it not have an appropriate tag (such as Alpha, Beta or RC), such that everyone knows, that it is not made for production but for testing?

Many thanks in advance for the info.

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Public annoucement is still in the works, please stay tuned


Hello loonyinfo,

I am very much sorry for any inconvenience caused by this - to shed some lights on the current situation:

The official owncloud tarballs are available via https://owncloud.org/download/ - and the linked repository packages from the download page (which is currently 10.0.7).
When we tag a release in github, it literally means, that this will be 10.0.8 core source code - but not the final 10.0.8 release tarball/package. The final package consists of the aforementioned core source code, packaged vendor libraries as well as pre-built frontend packages additionally we provide further apps such as market, configreport or notifications.

Our release process includes also some more ("non-technical") steps (such as providing release notes, preparing announcements etc. ) which we try to finish with setting the appropriate git tag - but these tasks might not be finished when a "technical release" could happen. Setting the git-tag however is correct - as we do not want to block further development after a "technical release" is done.

I apologize for any confusion that this has caused - publishing a new package should have only happened shortly before / with / shortly after the official release announcement. We've received your feedback and will be looking into how we can improve the process in the future.

I hope this post provided you with answers you've been seeking for - if you have any further question, just ask.



Hey @anon6520979

10.0.8 is there finally sorry for your inconvenience. Please let us know what you think about the release?

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Hi @Kawohl
I had no issue upgrading to 10.0.8, so it was good.
What a wish of mine would be that the Object Storage App for AWS S3 would use the authentification by role. What I mean by that is that the server has a role in IAM, which allows him to access S3 and that the App mentioned above uses this way to access S3. This is not only a thing of administration, but also of security, because AWS is able to role over security keys much easier and faster with these roles than a human is ever able to do it for a User with programmatic access to S3. Due to the fact that I run my whole environment AWS, I'm very much into these things.

But as said before, this is only a wish and only my two cents.