Owncloud 10.0.9 with owncloud client 2.4.0 (build 8894) compatible?

Is it (officially) supported to use owncloud client version 2.4.0 with owncloud server 10.0.9?

A confirmation is highly appreciated on this before upgrading my server.

Thanks for being careful with the upgrade.

Is there a reason you don’t have the latest version of the client?

Packaging processes in the company, it costs resources and effort/time to make them upgrade the client.
I rather upgrade the server which is in my control and leave it for now.

Tested with the ownCloud appliance, running 10.0.9.

Works with the 2.4.0 client. Upload download via client / web UI works fine.

Thanks i did the same, was hoping for an official answer but i guess this is the best its gonna get.


from my experiences most “official answers” generally saying “Always use the latest available version for best compatibility / experience”.

You are correct, there is no official ( documentation ) source that I could give you right now. I am working on including this information in to the official documentation though.

Thanks for bringing it to my attention.
This is probably useful for other users too.

@tom42 is correct. Only the latest client version is supported and tested with on new release.

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Thanks a lot i appreciate your efforts.


i just have found the following entry in the recent announcement of the upcoming 10.0.10 version:

  • Minimum desktop client version is 2.3.3 - #32657

so it seems they are pushing the min. required version from time to time.


Thanks, youre the best :slight_smile:

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