Owncloud 10.3.2 update failure on UCS

Hello All,
I’m new on owncloud and this is my first message.

I’ve just downloaded the VirtualBox image containing UCS 4.4.3. owncloud version from owncloud server. I’ve done nothing except updgrading to 10.3.2. When updating to owncloud 10.3.2 on the UCS, the Application Center responds image upgrade script failure. And owncloud become unaccessable.

Has anyone make a succesfull update of owncloud to 10.3.2. on Virtual Box-UCS 4.4.3.
Thanks in advance.
Erkin Alkan

Hello Erkin,

can you copy post the error message or the log output in here?

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Hello Dmitry,
I’ve upgraded UCS to 4.4-3 errata400 (Blumenthal) first and then upgraded owncloud to 10.3.2. This time the upgrade is successful. In the owncloud page on the UCS, the version is 10.3.2. But when open the owncloud, it says I can upgrade to 10.3.2, because the version is

There has been no errors.

Best Regards,

Hm, Okay,

Need to investigate that :slight_smile:

But at least the upgrade was successful. That’s good.

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