Owncloud 10 encryption

i have done a fresh install of owncloud 10.0.2 and i want to test the encryption features but i cannot find encryption app under application and if i go to menu market there is no app called encryption as appear in older version of owncloud. How can enable encryption app?

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Have you tried:

click on your user name in the top right corner, then settings, then encryption should be on the left side, under admin, 4th line from the top.

if it is not there, try, on the same page, going into apps, and there "show disabled apps" and there you can enable encryption

the problem is that under apps i cannot find encryption app. If i click "show disabled apps" the list is empty.
But if i go under owncloud using file manager on the server i see the folder apps and also the folder encryption but in the webinterface the list is empty.
How can i manually enable the app or show disabled apps"?
Thank you

have you got some ideas how to solve the problem?

You can enable encryption via command line


Please have a look at our doc for how to correctly enable the encryption app: https://doc.owncloud.org/server/10.0/admin_manual/configuration/files/encryption_configuration.html#how-to-enable-encryption

The main problem i'm seeing here is that you would need to enable the encryption app after the server-side encryption was enabled. But the Market in ownCloud doesn't show the encryption app (or any other local apps), only the apps from the marketplace are shown.


The encryption app is currently included in the ownCloud package - no Marketplace at the moment - so you should be able to enable it by accessing the "disabled apps" page. The main issue here is that you are getting an empty list when going there. Please try to access that page once again and provide us with the correspondent entries from the owncloud.log file.

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Hi without setting nothing now under disabled apps appear encryption module. I don't know what happened but i can see disabled apps. Now i have enabled encryption app and choose master key. But if i go under Personal --> Encryption it says to me "Error no panels for this section" and i cannot find where is the command for encrypt files or folders


It is expected that you don't see anything under your Personal settings since master-key encryption is working differently compared to encryption based on recovery keys. The command for encrypting all data with master key is:

php occ encryption:encrypt-all

This is not typically required, as the master key is often enabled at install time. As a result, when enabling it, there should be no data to encrypt. But, in case it’s being enabled after install, and the installation does have files which are unencrypted, encrypt-all can be used to encrypt them.

Ref: https://doc.owncloud.org/server/10.0/admin_manual/configuration_files/encryption_configuration.html#enabling-master-key-based-encryption

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There is any method to use occ encryption:encrypt-all without request confirmation?
To use the command in a script.

Currently no, there isn’t.

There is a Feature Request thought.

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