ownCloud 2.11 for Android released

Hello everyone,
today we are pretty glad to make public a new version of the ownCloud Android app, with many contributions from community and important changes regarding the way to access ownCloud files, upload files to ownCloud or register the Android app activity.

Document provider

Let’s start with the most important feature in this release, called document provider, that will enable us to access our ownCloud files from other Android apps apart from the ownCloud official one.

This improvement is possible thanks to the Storage Access Framework provided by Android and to use it we only need to open Downloads app in Android 7 and 8 or Files app in Android 9 and select the ownCloud account appearing in the side menu.

You will see below the different available actions.

a) Rename file or folder

b) Edit file

c) Delete file

d) Create folder

Logs for everyone

Many of you have probably reported a bug in the repository of the ownCloud Android app already and have been asked for logs.

Logs are an important part in errors debugging processes, making the life easier to those technical guys responsible of fixing the reported bugs.

In previous releases, logging the activity of the app was only enabled for users with debug o beta apps, but from now on and thanks to our contributor Hannes Achleitner, logs are for everyone, even the users with the official app downloaded from Google Play.

If you are one of these users, please pay attention to the gift below. To start logging the app, first you need to enable the developer menu by clicking the ownCloud app version 5 times .

Furthermore, we will also be able to use search in our logs.

Android native file picker

You’ve likely already seen the custom file picker used in the Android app to choose files and upload them as well as the option to upload content from other apps.

We have decided to unify this two options into just one, upload files using the native file picker of Android, from which we can upload files from internal storage, as we did with the custom file picker, and also from other apps.

Thanks Shashvat Kedia for bringing us this new feature.

a) Upload files from native storage

b) Upload files from other apps

Shortcut to available offline files

In addition to all those features, we have added a new option to the side menu to access available offline files in a quicker way .

Bug fixing and improvements

And last but not the least, we have fixed some errors reported by our users, being the most important the crashes when clearing successful/failed uploads
and when sharing files with ownCloud and creating new folder.

Users with notch will see some views of the app displayed in a better way and there’s also other fixes such as folder with brackets [ ] not showing the content or login failing with “§” in password.

How can I download the new ownCloud Android app?

2.11 is already available on Google Play Store, so download and enjoy it!

How can I send my feedback to ownCloud developers?

We really appreciate your feedback to improve the ownCloud Android app so if you find any bug or want to make any suggestion, please participate in one of these channels:

– Open a new issue on Github: https://github.com/owncloud/android/issues/

– Open a new topic on central: https://central.owncloud.org/

– Write to android-app@owncloud.com