(ownCloud 9.1.3) All Share Links Asking For HTTP Authentication?

Hi guys,

I am working on a new ownCloud server, it's running on a CentOS server with cPanel, under one of the cPanel user accounts.

I seem to be encountering an issue where every share link prompts for a password (through a prompt that looks like it's coming from a .htaccess.htpasswd authentication, not the ownCloud shared folder login screen).

This seems to be an issue others are encountering but I am unclear on what they're doing to fix it, it sounds like a code issue but we are running 9.1.3 latest. Here are a few other related threads:

I also went through this section of the documentation, on required Apache modules, and confirmed that I have all recommended Apache modules installed:

Any suggestions as to how I may be able to resolve this would be greatly appreciated!

Try to disable all 3rdparty apps (like e.g. Gallery+)

Didn't work. I disabled all apps. Then I enabled only:

Share Files 0.10.0
by Michael Gapczynski, Bjoern Schiessle (AGPL-licensed)

Since we need this app to Share files. And we're getting the same error.

Then most likely some strange webserver configuration is messing around here.

We've checked everything we could think of on the server. If any one has any thoughts, please share...

Hi, is there some information in the server logs, did you change something in the htaccess?

Those were the first two places we checked:

a) nothing in error logs

b) we even renamed .htaccess file and put a blank one

are you running mod_php? Is the Virtualhost-config the same as in the documentation (possible in cPanel?):