ownCloud 9.1.3 Downloading multiple pictures

I'm using oc 9.1.3 and would like to find a solution for a small issue.
I shared a few of my picture albums with family. They are using a browser to access them. In most cases, they want to download only a selected number of pictures and not the full folder.
1) In file list view, they say the thumbnails are too small to decide if they want to check a picture for download. By searching the forums, I found there is no easy way to increase the thumbnail, but only to decrease it.
2) In gallery view, there is no way to select multiple files for download. In addition, the thumbnails/previews are big here and it's a bit slow to process all the pictures.

Anything I can do with 1 or 2 to facilitate easier multiple file download?


It's already on the list of ideas:

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