Owncloud 9.1.4 email setup with exchange server

hi all,

its any one experienced with owncloud 9.1.4 setup the email notification with exchange server and also can send to external party email like Hotmail or gmail?


Yes but depends on how you've configured your exchange server to allow sending email through it.
There are configuration options for plain text, no login, TCP port 25. And there's plenty of configuration options to configure encryption, TLS/SSL as well as authentication. You can also configure the exact TCP port. So with that you should be able to configure an SMTP user authentication to either gmail/hotmail etc as well as exchange. For example, when you set up a email client with pop3 or imap, you set up the send and receive separately. You could send through gmail just by setting up the SMTP side of the email client within OC.

My suggestion is look at the administration guide for owncloud on configuring email, understand it and then see how this relates to your knowledge of exchange / gmail / hotmail etc.

hi tony,

could you share your steps to configure the owncloud smtp with exchange?
once i configured the smtp with exchange without smtp authentication, i can send the email to internally but unable send to external like gmail or hotmail.


Hi Jason,
How is exchange expecting email to be sent? If exchange will accept smtp on port 25 without any authentication, then this is what you configure in owncloud.
Here's the documentation link to explain how to do the owncloud set up. Ask your Exchange expert to set up your exchange for you and provide you with the full configuration details. Then you can simply copy those details and paste them in.

Otherwise, if your OC server has access to the internet, you could configure the mail server to be Google or something like that to save needing to make any changes to your Exchange. I've just tested Gmail as an authenticated SMTP server and here are the settings you need:::

send mode: smtp
Encryption: STARTTLS
From Address: [your gmail email address] @ gmail.com (example)
Authentication method: Login
Authentication Required: Tick this box
server address: smtp.gmail.com : 587
Credentials: you must know this, if you don't know what these are then I've wasted my life posting this.

Please post back to let me know how you get on.
Good luck,

Hi Tony,

i found the issue is because oc unable relay on exchange server. then i change the authenticate method to NTLM, it was resolve the issue