ownCloud 9.1.4 - SMB share cannot browse more than 3 subfolders!

Hi, I install a new server (openSUSE 42.2, PHP7) with ownCloud 9.1.4.
I can browse my shared SMB (Windows 2012R2), but I cannot go deeper than 3 subfolders!?
--> Sub1

When I click on Sub4 it just wait forever, or it will display folder empty.
It does this on every folders on every share!

There's no error on the logs. If I check the access_log from apache, I can see the 3 subfolders, but when I click on the 4th it doesn't show that I click on the link!?

My old ownCloud 8.1 is working fine.
And if I try the smbclient from the new server I can browse all the folders, no problem.

If someone has an idea.
thank you

I've tested more, and its not the numbers of subfolders the problem, but how much character has all the folders.
Like the 254 characters limit of Windows.
But its less then that, and the 8.1 version of ownCloud work.
Really weird!

Make sure that you have installed and enabled [1] in your PHP configuration / environment as advised at various points of the documentation. If that doesn't help please create a new bugreport to the oC developers at [2].

[1] https://github.com/eduardok/libsmbclient-php