Owncloud 9.1 - After PHP7.1 Update -> white login screen

Steps to reproduce
1. Installed & activated PHP7.1

Expected behaviour
I like to have a web frontend :wink:

Actual behaviour
while login screen

Server configuration
Operating system: Ubuntu 12.04
Web server: Apache2
Database: mysql
PHP version: 7.1
ownCloud version (see ownCloud admin page): 9.1

An unhandled exception has been thrown:
Error: [] operator not supported for strings in /var/www/owncloud/lib/private/App/InfoParser.php:186
{"reqId":"6yPgUMacDeZXweQkF\/9k","remoteAddr":"x.x.x.x","app":"webdav","message":"Exception: {\"Message\":\"HTTP\\\/1.1 503 Error: [] operator not supported for strings\",\"Exception\":\"Sabre\\\\DAV\\\\Exception\\\\ServiceUnavailable\",\"Code\":0,\"Trace\":\"#0 [internal function]: {closure}(Object(Sabre\\\\HTTP\\\\Request), Object(Sabre\\\\HTTP\\\\Response))\\n#1 \\\/var\\\/www\\\/owncloud\\\/3rdparty\\\/sabre\\\/event\\\/lib\\\/EventEmitterTrait.php(105): call_user_func_array(Object(Closure), Array)\\n#2 \\\/var\\\/www\\\/owncloud\\\/3rdparty\\\/sabre\\\/dav\\\/lib\\\/DAV\\\/Server.php(446): Sabre\\\\Event\\\\EventEmitter->emit('beforeMethod', Array)\\n#3 \\\/var\\\/www\\\/owncloud\\\/3rdparty\\\/sabre\\\/dav\\\/lib\\\/DAV\\\/Server.php(248): Sabre\\\\DAV\\\\Server->invokeMethod(Object(Sabre\\\\HTTP\\\\Request), Object(Sabre\\\\HTTP\\\\Response))\\n#4 \\\/var\\\/www\\\/owncloud\\\/remote.php(69): Sabre\\\\DAV\\\\Server->exec()\\n#5 \\\/var\\\/www\\\/owncloud\\\/remote.php(169): handleException(Object(Error))\\n#6 {main}\",\"File\":\"\\\/var\\\/www\\\/owncloud\\\/remote.php\",\"Line\":67,\"User\":false}","level":4,"time":"2016-09-01T16:14:38+00:00","method":"PROPFIND","url":"\/owncloud\/remote.php\/carddav\/addressbooks\/MyNAme\/contacts\/","user":"--"}

Any Ideas?

After go back zo PHP5.5, it works fine.
All needed PHP7.1 modules, following the install guide are installed.


php 7.1 was not released yet. Unless you are a developer and want to test new functions (or try to make owncloud compatible with php 7.1), there is no reason to use this version. Rather go with php7.0.

oC is not yet compatible with PHP 7.1. The work to make it compatible started here:

Has this been advanced at all? It looks as though the patches have been merged, so what's the next step? I'm running PHP 7.1 and OC

Any help much appreciated :slight_smile:

Starting with oC 10.0 compatibility with PHP 7.1 is given:

PHP 7.1 support added (supported PHP versions are 5.6 and 7.0+)


oC 10 doesn't appear to be in the Ubuntu 12.04 repo (I get a 404)... is it necessary to compile from source?

You need to explicitly choose the 10.0 repositories at [1] to get 10.0.0 . Personally i would also wait for the upcoming 10.0.1

Ubuntu 12.04 reached end of life last month [2] so IMHO its time to move on and use a recent distribution.

[1] https://download.owncloud.org/download/repositories/10.0/Ubuntu_12.04/

[2] https://wiki.ubuntu.com/Releases

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