ownCloud 9.1 + Nginx - "Class 'Memcached' not found" error - Arch Linux




I have been trying to follow Arch Linux Wiki page regarding in order to set up ownCloud on my computer. However, when I try to access ownCloud's homepage (https://localhost/owncloud/), I only see a blank page.

I am a noob when it comes to server applications, so I might be making a silly mistake :).

Nginx's log shows the following output:

'nginx -t' shows that my configuration is correct.

What I have done so far:
Install the following packages:

  • nginx-mainline 1.11.3-1
  • php 7.0.10-1
  • php-fpm 7.0.10-1
  • php-apcu 5.1.5-1
  • php-apcu-bc 1.0.3-1
  • php-intl 7.0.10-1
  • php-mcrypt 7.0.10-1
  • owncloud 9.1.0-1
  • mariadb 10.1.16-2

I configured those packages as described in the Wiki. In particular, I enabled apcu, apc backwards compability and apcu cli in /etc/php/config.d/apcu.ini:

I enabled APCu as the cache mechanism for ownCloud (/usr/share/webapps/owncloud/config/config.php)

(full config here)

"php -i" shows that the APCu module is loaded, as well as APC backwards compability and cli:

(full log here)

My research has shown that there are some issues when using APCu with PHP7. However, most of the solutions pointed at enabling APCu cli (which I have done) or installing php-apcu-bc. What confuses me is that Memcached sounds like a class that would be used by "memcached" not APCu, so it is possible that ownCloud is trying to use memcached instead of APCu.

I also tried not using any cache mechanism for ownCloud, but it seems that this is not possible.

I am not sure about what to try next. Any ideas?

Thanks in advance.

PS: I also posted this on Arch Linux forums, without success.



note the difference in the path between:


If this:

is your full config you have copied over the config.sample.php which is not supported.

As the Arch Linux packages are using stuff completely different then the official packages its hard to exactly tell whats wrong here. Are there any support forums where you can get some help with their packages available?


Thank you for your answer.

Unfortunately I did not notice the different path, that might have saved me some time. In addition, it is true that I copied the config.sample.php, I guess that I was not patient enough.

However, I finally gave up trying to use nginx and I switched to Apache and ownCloud seems to work now. So I did not quite solve the issue, just hid it, but that is OK for now.

Thanks again.