OwnCloud 9.1: Unable to Edit documents in browser


I am using OwnCloud (https://cloud.powergrid.in) and not able to edit documents online.

When I click on any documents, a temporary local copy is opened in local disc. On saving, it gets saved in Local disc and file on cloud remains unchanged. I then need to re-upload the same file and replace the old one in order to keep my data updated.

Please suggest how to resolve the issue.

Sunil Rattewal
New Delhi, India
+91 9599680559

Hi Sunil,

I am afraid we cannot help you here. Your ownCloud is provided by powergrid.in, so it is under their control to have the server and office apps installed and working correctly.

So in this case you should contact powergrid.in’s support.


Thanks for your reply.


it seems powergrid.in is also running an quite outdated version 9.1.1 of ownCloud:


I’m not sure if i would trust my data to such an older version which could have bugs and security issues. :frowning_face: