ownCloud 9 and multiple LDAP servers issue

ubuntu 14.04
ownCloud 9.0.4

I heve set up two LDAP servers: ApacheDS (ubuntu 14.04) and Windows Server 2012 (AD).
It works as expected until either of LDAP servers or both are down. It causes internal server error when I click on "Users".
Even if there is some user configuration issue in an LDAP server, loading "users" screen won't show any users, even local.ones.
There is no option to temporary disable LDAP server in case it is down for maintenance. I do not want to delete it from the LDAP configuration just to avoid that 'internal server error'.
I would expect more flexibility from the LDAP implementation.

Any thoughts on that?

hi @lk7777

Maybe unchecking the 'Configuration Active' checkbox in Advanced tab of LDAP wizard can solve your problem

Cheers, davitol

Yes, davitol, you are right. Thank you. How could I miss that ...