ownCloud access forbidden csrf check failed after fresh install

Hi there,

I was following a LifeHacker tutorial and tried using the web installer of ownCloud on my host, and when i go in login to my supposedly newly created account it tells me "access forbidden csrf check failed"

I've looked at some of the posts here already but i have absolutely no idea what the solution is, or even how to go about the solutions proposed.

all i know is that I have a host that supports PHP 5.6, my session.save_path is set to "/var/php_sessions", and i have no idea if that directory even exists

How do i go about fixing this?

Since you have a fresh installation, I would either reinstall, or reinstall manually following the official documentation.


Thank you dmitry, but i managed to figure this out

for those who happens to use netfirms as a host, this was the solution:

adjust the PHP sesson.save_path in your php.ini file to the path provided by netfirms, or whatever your host service is. at times the default "/var/php_sessions" path may be invalid.

now this allowed me to log in to this service, the issue is now i cannot upload anything due to some kind of HTTP Header problems from "X-XSS-Protection" to "X-Permitted-Cross-Domain-Policies" (which makes no sense because i've checked those sections through my hosting and are already set to the recommended settings), also apparently "No memory cache setup"

clearly this service is not suited for someone who is highly unaware of how complex websites and databases works. I will look for another alternative to a cloud service...

If you can just run a virtual machine, you can run our appliance - that is straightforward and very easy. You can also just install via Docker - again straight forward and easy. On hosted services sometimes strange settings are in the way, recommend to chat with your hosting provider about it. Thanks for using ownCloud!