Owncloud access from internet

Hello everyone,
could you please help me with my issue? I have instaled latest owncloud to my Raspberry Pi 3 and everything works preaty awesome in my local wifi. But it does not work outside it. I have tried pleanty of guides, tried to forward ports, 80, 81, 8080, 443. But nothing works for me, maybe i am doing mistakes somewhere. Can someone give me some guide what to do?
Thank you a lot.


making ownCloud accessible from the outside is something which is not specific to ownCloud and heavily depends on your environment, setup and network infrastructure.

It is not possible from ownCloud side to give any specific guides as there is no such guide available (for the reasons mentioned before).

Tools like nmap, ping, traceroute and pages like https://portforward.com/ are supporting you with the task how to make your webserver (the software responsible for serving ownCloud) reachable from the outside. Additional keywords for further researches are:

Port forwarding

Side-note: Its strongly advised to avoid statements like "it does not work" in posts asking for support. Always try to explain what you had done so far, what "doesn't work" and which steps you did to solve your issue in a detailed way (be as precise as possible).