Owncloud all the time asking to enter the account when the server goes down

I’ve been using owncloud for years and I’ve really liked it, but my clients lack a function that is as follows…
I have on each client’s computer the owncloud desktop that communicates with my owncloud server and this desktop synchronizes a folder with files to be checked on my server.
It happens that when my server goes down due to lack of energy or any other reason, all my clients are disconnected, and when it returns it doesn’t connect by itself, you have to go to the icon and enter… some of the clients go to the desktop client and use the login function and connect again, but 90% of them don’t, they don’t know how to do it and I end up having problems due to lack of synchronization, and it stays disconnected for days causing me damage, because I need the current files in real time.
I need to know if there’s a way to create a script or something like that for the desktop client’s pc if the server crashes and the account disconnects, when you come back you can automatically log in again without the client needing to log in …
because desktop clients are always disconnected, and they always have to open the icon and enter, and they don’t do that and they bring me harm due to the lack of synchronization and I have to call him all the time and ask them to press enter, and many of them Ask me if you can’t leave this entry automatic …

I await an answer

Denilson Fragoso

There’s a similar issue on GitHub.com:
MacOS desktop Client stuck in Disconnected after reboot when server cannot be reached · Issue #10654 · owncloud/client · GitHub

Wanna try the linked 4.0 pre-release builds?

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yes, I would like to test it to see if it solves my case