Owncloud along with nas folder

I set up OC on my RPI and it work great as personal file storage and share solution. But … :slight_smile:
I also have some data on same server hosted in NAS way. Is there any way to make nas folders visible to users? I could use external storage as sftp but it seems redundant

For OC10, external storage is the way to go.
There is an option to use “local” as external storage in the config.php file files_external_allow_create_new_local (mounting a folder of the same host in ownCloud), but it’s hidden as it could be a security risk if it’s misused (any user could mount any folder of the FS and could access to any file).
I think you can still limit the external storages so only the admins are allowed to setup “local” external storages.

Up to you to decide what to do, but I think sftp is still a reasonable choice. Note that for sftp (and others) you need to provide some kind of authentication (usually username + password).

You’ll likely need to check with which account the files will end up in your NAS. The “local” external storage will use the “www-data” (apache) user, which might not be the one you want to have.


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