ownCloud and bad Internet

Hello. There is a problem with the client on Android. We use a smartphone with the ownCloud in places with poor quality mobile Internet. We need to take a series of photos on a smartphone so that these photos come to our ownCloud server . Often a situation arises that with poor mobile Internet or in the absence of the Internet, photos are not delivered to the server even after the restoration of mobile Internet. Is it possible to somehow configure the ownCloud client on Android so that after the restoration of the mobile Internet, photos are delivered to the server? Are there any solutions to this problem? Thanks for any help

@shoorik sounds like it could be solved with this:

This will see heavy rework in the next few months. You can follow the progress there…

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I have to rename the files while connected to my home network to get them to sync again. The files are not corrupted as far as I can tell, but ownCloud stops trying to sync them.